Explore the Unknown
Are you that rogue captain
that enjoys the thrill of sneaking
through stretches of enemy
territory?Do you enjoy the
discovery of new worlds?Are
you in search of an MMO so
vast that there will always
be someplace new to explore?
7,000 star systems - NPC and
Player controlled regions -
hidden worm-hole space
waiting to be explored.

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What is your definition of epic combat? Is it fleets of hundreds
clashing in battle? Is it war for control of entire constellations?
Does high risk PvP get your blood racing? 1000+ ship fleet
battles - hundreds of ship types - thousands of ship module
options In a single-shard universe, all players are part of one
community. Your actions, be they those of a savior or scourge,
impact not just a small group or independent shard, but the
universe itself.

14 days free trail period